Debunking the Myths about Communications Metrics: A Mini Field Guide

By Tracey M. Batacan

 Communications professionals spend a lot of time developing a brand, marketing messages, and then analyzing the results of their efforts. One way to identify the return on investment in a communications program is by taking the time to measure your results. Yet there are some metrics novices who shy away from the “numbers reports” because they may feel that is outside of their range. It’s important to understand the market proliferation of a specific campaign or media effort as part of one’s communications plan and overall communications vision. 

 Reviewing the numbers behind your marketing efforts will help highlight trends, recognize untapped markets as well as determine the need to change business communications practices. Analytics are much easier to understand compared to a decade ago due to technological advances. For example, many social media and web-based tools already offer free analytics capabilities. 

So how does one increase their understanding of marketing data? It helps to separate the truth about myth and fact.   

 Metrics Myth and Fact: 

Myth: You need a business degree to understand metrics reporting. 

Fact: Truth be told, today’s online tools make it easy to get data about your marketing efforts in a few quick clicks. One example is Google Analytics which offers a glimpse inside online traffic, page views, and audiences. 

Myth: It will cost a lot of money to see the data-drive results of one’s marketing efforts.

Fact: Trend analysis is not as costly as you think it is. Many online tools offer free and user-friendly analytics reporting features.

Myth: Analyzing the data takes up too much time.

Fact: Leverage multiple tech tools available to help you check and analyze metrics more efficiently. Also, communications professionals, we know the art of bringing people together to create prolific communications programs and strategies. The next time you have to ramp up your data reporting, gather a small team of forward leaning professionals at work with diverse talents to help you build out and measure your marketing    plan.

Myth: Metrics kill creativity.

Fact: Truth be told, metrics help communicators to see what is truly integral to an organization’s market share and ability to effectively communicate. Analytics also let us know when it’s time to use a more proactive approach or to make a course correction when numbers trend away from our goals.