Doing More With Less: 5 Ways to Power Up Your Social Media Game

By Paul Lester

In the era of constant budget uncertainty and staffing changes, it can be a challenge for federal social media managers to develop new, engaging content that effectively tells your agency’s story to the American public.

This is especially true in smaller agencies, where you may be the only social media manager in the office and juggling many other tasks. Here are a few simple tips to get the most bang for your social media buck.

  1. Reuse, recycle: Analyze your social media metrics to find out which recent posts performed the best and why. Reschedule those posts again over the days and weeks ahead. Even if a post generated stellar engagement, there’s a good chance not all of your followers saw it.  
  2. Go evergreen: Metrics can also help you spot top content on your agency’s website. Determine which of these pages are relevant all year long, unlike content such as press releases that are timely for a brief period. Compile a list of evergreen content  and identify opportunities to share on social media like annual events or major conferences.
  3. Check what’s trending. Keep an eye on trending topics, but be strategic. If your agency works on national security, #NationalDoughnutDay may not be a fit but #MilitaryAppreciationDay could be.
  4. Phone a friend. Reach out to fellow social media managers in your agency, field offices, and partner agencies to see if they have videos or other content they are willing to share on your platforms and vice versa.
  5. Use the tools. Don’t let good content go to waste! Use features like Twitter Moments and Instagram Highlights to aggregate and archive your best Tweets and Stories.  Twitter Moments are especially helpful for recapping big announcements or events.