Maximize End-of-Year Social Media Messaging

by Gabrielle Perret

Feeling uninspired by bland end-of-year and new year messaging? Speaking in general terms can dilute your message and cause your user to keep scrolling until they get to something more interesting. Why not use this natural opportunity to highlight your most interesting (and specific) examples of your agency’s 2018 accomplishments? Here are a few ideas to get you inspired to write meaningful content for the “end-of-year” theme that attracts and engages your users:

  • Read through your news releases sent over 2018 to get a quick summary of your accomplishments and big announcements. January 2018 can feel likes ages ago, so you might want a refresher on what happened at the beginning of this year!
  • Review your social media metrics and find your most successful posts for the year. Your followers were interested in these events/topics/announcements, so think about getting your followers to remember them again at the end of the year too.
  • Did your agency have any big anniversaries or milestones over 2018?
  • Look through your clips and clips analytics. What was most reported on?
  • Did anyone in your agency give interviews over the year? This is a nice way to recognize their work during the year.
  • Review your agency’s mission and priorities. What major actions have your programs done to meet them over the year?
  • What about the PMA? How did your agency support those goals over 2018?
  • Show your regions some love! Include posts on major accomplishments of your field offices and make sure to include photos. It’s fun (i.e. interesting) to see what’s going on outside the DC bubble!
  • Did your agency have any major staff changes? Give another farewell or welcome to these major players and a shout out to their contributions to furthering your agency’s mission.
  • Did you debut any newsletters or SM channels this year? Promote those and get some new subscribers!

Now that you’ve got a good idea of what you want to highlight, write those into eye catching posts:

  • Cite dollars and figures
  • Use simple graphics to pull out numbers and/or dollars, like this:
  • Link to press releases, news sites, program web pages, etc. for people to learn more.
  • Use hashtags!
  • Tag other federal agencies, as applicable, to get exposure with their followers.
  • Always keep it plain language! Nothing worse than complicating what is a short SM message.

What’s your CTA? Maybe it’s just awareness or you want likes/follows or you want your user to sign up for something. Whatever it is, keep in mind when you’re writing your post what you want your user to do with this information after you’ve caught their attention.

The end of the year gives us a natural opportunity to pause and reflect on what we’ve accomplished over the year. It’s a great time to message your big accomplishments and news as your followers scroll through social media during their free time over holidays!