Federal Communicators Network Listserv Rules of Behavior Notice

The Federal Communicators Network (FCN) is a professional, federal communications organization that shares best practices, fosters professional development, and networking in the communications field. FCN engages and informs the membership via the FCN Listserv. Consequently, the use of the listserv requires members to follow the listserv etiquette rules to make sure that our readers obtain useful information in a collaborative and safe environment. FCN members are encouraged to review and adhere to the rules below. Effective immediately, anyone that misuses the Federal Communicators Network listserv will be removed from the list and prevented from accessing the listserv in the future.

Federal Communicators Network Listserv Rules of Behavior

  • The FCN Listserv is for informational and educational purposes only.
  • All FCN messages are meant to educate, engage and inform. Listserv messages should be related to FCN’s mission of providing free training and opportunities for professional networking, sharing resources and ideas, and advancing the profession.
  • FCN members may not send out messaging on the FCN listserv that is:
    • Offensive in tone or nature,
    • Political messaging of any kind, or
    • Personal opinion about media, government, and world events
  • FCN does not endorse discussions of a political nature or those of elected officials. To be clear, posting interesting articles is fine. However, commentary is unwarranted and expecting FCN to take a stance is not how the organization conducts business. Be mindful of relevant laws (including FOIA) and ethics when posting.
  • FCN has a zero-tolerance cyberbullying policy. Any member who bullies another FCN member will be removed from the group and their access to the listserv will be cut off. Bullying may be reported to any member of the Board for resolution.

FCN members who do not agree to follow the guidelines may unsubscribe themselves at any time. Anyone who violates the guidelines will be removed from the Federal Communicators Network listserv and their membership in the group will be revoked. Any questions related to this policy or message content can be directed to the FCN leadership team at fedcommnetwork@gmail.com.