Communicating on Purpose: The Art of the Podcast

by Sylvia Thomas Ballinger

If you like radio shows, but without all the commercials, you’re probably among the growing number of Americans who enjoy listening to podcasts. A good podcast is informative, engaging, and entertaining. The number of Americans listening to podcasts is on the rise, and data reflects a growing trend over the past decade. According to the Edison Research and Triton Digital survey, “The Infinite Dial 2019,” 51 percent of Americans ages 12 or older have listened to a podcast and 32 percent have listened to a podcast in the past month. That’s up from 26 percent in 2018, and just 9 percent in 2008.

Podcasts are diverse and can be found in an array of topics. Unlike mainstream radio, podcasts can cater to small niche subjects and can be accessed worldwide at any time day or night, like during a morning and after commute or on an evening run.

What’s your interest? Financial well-being, parenting, trying a vegan diet, undoubtedly, there’s a subject matter expert or enthusiast out there who wants to share as much information as possible via a podcast. If you appreciate what they have to say and like their personality, you’ll soon become a subscriber.

Now it’s time for us to get in the game. The Federal Communicators Network is trying something new this year, and for our first podcast we’re discussing a topic that’s vital for any public affairs office: videos. Did you know that 80 percent of all the internet content in the world will be video driven by 2020?

I interviewed Anna Davalos, a veteran television news producer, whom I worked with at NBC4 in Washington, D.C. Anna is now the President of Alejo Media, and says video is the fastest way to get information out there, but you must get it right! Listen to her tips to get started today. Enjoy, and please share your ideas for any future podcasts by emailing FCN directly.