2020 FCN Officers

Congratulations to the new FCN Leadership Team: •  Co-Chair: Gabrielle Perret, Senior Media Advisor, General Services Administration •  Co-Chair: Christine Stevenson, Public Affairs Officer, Naval Surface Warfare Center Indian Head EOD Technology Division •  Special Events/ Training/Workshop Coordinator: SJ Brown, Chief of Leadership Development for Air Force Public Affairs, Department of Defense •  Social Media … Continue reading 2020 FCN Officers

Communicating on Purpose: The Art of the Podcast

by Sylvia Thomas Ballinger If you like radio shows, but without all the commercials, you’re probably among the growing number of Americans who enjoy listening to podcasts. A good podcast is informative, engaging, and entertaining. The number of Americans listening to podcasts is on the rise, and data reflects a growing trend over the past … Continue reading Communicating on Purpose: The Art of the Podcast

Personal POV from the Podcasting Panel

by David A. Kosub In October, I joined a group of talented federal podcast producers in a panel discussion. Over eighty people attended in person, and a hundred online, to hear from Matt Dozier from Energy’s Direct Current, Ana-Maria Sinitean and Christopher Wurst from State’s 22.33, Tanner Iskra from VA’s Borne the Battle, and me from … Continue reading Personal POV from the Podcasting Panel