Start Podcasting in 7 Easy Steps

by David Kosub We, as ever vigilant federal communicators, always have the “message” in mind and the best way to relay it to the public. From hundred-page reports to animated videos—all which can be boiled down to a punchy social media post—many communication paths exist to strike the right message. A little over six months ago, … Continue reading Start Podcasting in 7 Easy Steps

Using Analytics to Get Your Press Releases Read

By Gabrielle Perret Do you know who is reading your press releases? How can you tell if your release has done well? What open rate do you consider successful? If you’re fuzzy on the answers to these questions, it might be time to do a quick audit of your distribution lists, develop/review your analytics, and … Continue reading Using Analytics to Get Your Press Releases Read

Newsletter Design Elements 101

By Tracey Batacan Some organizations use newsletters as a communications tool to inform and engage target audiences, promote the organizational brand, and highlight success stories. The newsletter has evolved from an analog, paper-driven document to an e-publication that often includes video clips, images, graphics and more. So how does one create an engaging organizational newsletter? … Continue reading Newsletter Design Elements 101